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    Precision Components

Production Department

We machine all types of components for the Defense, Medical and Commercial Industries. We manufacture to fit your specifications and requirements. more info

MATERIALS: From Barstock up to 32mm
QUANTITIES: From Hundreds to millions of pieces per year.
TURNING: up to 32mm with a single stroke length of 12'.
HOB FINE PITCH PINIONS & GEARS: Up through 11/2", diametral pitch from 20 to 110 up to 160 teeth. Department


• New electronic Bendix Profilometer.
• 2-Unitron 50x Microscope
• 3-Digimatic Height Micrometers
• All necessary micrometers & measuring instruments
• Certified Blocks & Pin Gages all traceable to NIST
• 1-Ultrasonic Cleaner
• Passivation process

Tool Room

• 2-Agathon Diamond Tool Grinders
• 1-Bechler Cam Shaper
• 1-Toolroom Lathe
• 1-Bridgeport Milling Machine
• 1-Surface Grinder
• 1-Carbide Hob Sharpener

QUALITY MANUFACTURER of precision component parts
Defense Industry // Medical & Commercial Industry